Wastewater Treatment & Precious Metal Extraction

A. Wastewater Treatment

Current: interest on alkaline waste not solvent waste





As a responsible corporation and constantly mindful of the environment, Fair Chem complies fully to the most stringent compliant conditions laid down by the Regulatory Organization – National Environmental Agency (NEA).  Fair Chem was awarded the ISO 14001 in year 2004. Waste is handled in strict accordance with all local regulations. Our waste water treatment facility is fully NEA licensed and is complete with acid and alkaline neutralization tanks, sludge tank, chromic tank, flocculation tank, monitoring tanks and filter presses.  Treated sludge is then disposed according to NEA’s guidelines. 

Commonly Treated Waste from:

i. Chemicals residues of used drums/ Jerry cans, etc 

ii. Waste generated from Wafer and Electronic Industry

iii. Acidic and alkaline waste from Chemical and Wafer Industries  


B. Precious Metal Extraction


Fair Chem is licensed to collect photographic wastes from X-ray films / negatives from private hospitals, photograph developing centers and publishing firms, e.g. NDT industry. Fair Chem has facility to extract / recover silver from these wastes.


Fair Chem engages in the sale of these recovered silver flakes.