Toll Manufacturing & Other Services

B. Other Supporting Services 

(i) Re-drumming and Repacking

Fair Chem provide re-drumming and repacking services for clients who wish to change the original packaging size to larger or smaller pack size, ie


(a) Down size - Repack from bulk isotank, tote bin,  drum or bulk bag into smaller size containers (pail and jerrycans) and bags

(b) Up size      - Repack from smaller to larger containers and bags 


Relabeling is another supporting service we provide to customers.


(ii) Heating and Melting 

Fair Chem also offer heating and melting services to fulfill customer’s demand. Using a Steam Oven answers major challenges because without heating, the product cannot be discharge quickly enough from the drum into the manufacturing process. Heating the drums uniformly greatly reduces the product viscosity,  thereby improving flow and reducing decant time. The yield is significantly improved, with virtually no product being left behind inside the drum, thereby reducing raw material costs.


(iii) Milling 

Fair Chem is capable of providing milling service to process fine or specialty chemicals. Our high speed fitzmill can grind flakes into fine granules for easy dispersion into liquid blending and grind granular beads to powder form.


Using an efficient high speed running mill, the target material is smashed by rotating knife through screen which can be selected in accordance with different material and the size of granules can be achieved by screen changing or speed-regulating


(iv) Warehousing and Logistics Support 



Fair Chem is capable to provide integrated logistic support such as warehousing, shipping and transportation services.


Custom Packaging and Labeling

Fair Chem can also custom-blend chemical to your needs, desired packaging and private label.


In order to develop the most cost effective solution, Fair Chem Industries may require information listed below from you:

  • Type of raw material

  • Nature and characteristic of the product

  • Product specification

  • Process methodology, including time of mixing

  • Details of suitable process vessel metallurgy

  • Type of packaging

  • Pack size

  • Batch size

  • Preferred delivery option (self collect, Fair Chem deliver or container stuffing)

Call or email us today for a quote on your requirements.  




a) Warehousing and Transportation Service

Fair Chem’s business is complete with supporting warehousing and own fleet of trucks for local transportation support. Our factory is approved for storage of general, hazardous and flammable materials.

Warehouse personnels are well-trained to carry out their duties efficiently. Risk management has been implemented and is continuously monitored.



b) Import and Export Shipments Service

Fair Chem has good networking and working relationship with reliable shipping forwarders for handling of  customers' import and export handling requirements efficiently. We can also provide documentation service on Packing list, Proforma Invoice and Certificate of Origin to better manage the customers' requirement.