Liquid Blending

(i) Liquid Blending – Solvent & Water based with temperature control mechanism

Fair Chem is capable in handling both water & solvent based formulations and having temperature control mechanism so as to cater to exothermic as well as endothermic reactions.




I. Equipment 

Fair Chem has a comprehensive range of reactor tanks and blending vessels, chiller, boiler, homogenizer and supporting equipments. The capacity of insulated jacketed vessel varies from 1,600L to 10,000L while other stainless steel vessel capacity varies from 1,000L to 10,000L.


Aside these vessels and reactors, Fair Chem is capable of homogenizing in Isotank of capacity up to 20,000 litres.

II. Facilities

(a) Ability to process both exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions. 

  • Our jacketed stainless steel reactor tanks of various capacities 1,600 L to 10,000L can support chemical reactions that required heating or cooling and supported by homogenizer, high speed agitator and steam oven chemical reactions could be sped up or adjusted to optimum conditions.  

  • Can process both organic and inorganic blends in drum, tote tank, and Isotank. 

  • Able to process a wide range of chemicals (solvent or water based) and of various viscosities.

  • Pilot plant - Prior to mass production, chemical reaction and processes could be done using our pilot plant for reducing of any error and maximizing efficiency.

  • With various production lines, final products could be delivered in jerry can, 200 litres drum and Isotank to meet customers’ requirements.

(b) Ability to process Emulsion based product

  • With high speed in line homogenizer, emulsification can be done efficiently. 

  • High Shear Mixing for high viscous products, like Wax and high viscous polymers.

(c) Ability to process Flammable products

  • Able to process flammable products as Fair Chem has required licence and flammable storage facility.

d) Nitrogen Blanketing 

  • For reaction and blending that required exclusion of oxygen, Fair Chem is able to provide nitrogen blanketing during the mixing processes, thus preventing pre-oxidation of final products.