Drum Recycling & Packaging

A. Drum Recycling




Fair Chem is licensed to collect used  empty containers contaminated with waste residue from the petrochemical, wafer and various industrial sectors. We offer a comprehensive range of services from sale to purchase, recycling washing service for the following,

  • Plastic pails, jerrycans and drums from 18L to 210L

  • Metal pails and drums, Pelined steel drums. 

  • Fibre drums 

  • All types of IBCs are also processed. 

Reconditioned Containers List


Tight Head HDPE Jerrycan and Drum

1)      5 Litres Blue Plastic Bottle

2)    18 Litres Srew-In-Cap Blue / Black / White Jerrycan

3)    20 Litres SQ Grey / Blue / White Jerrycan

4)    23 Litres SG Blue Jerrycan

5)    25 Litres Icap Black / Blue Jerrycan

6)    30 Litres SG Blue Jerrycan

7)   200 Litres Tight Head Grey HDPE Drum

8)   200 Litres Tight Head Black HDPE Drum

9)   210 Litres Tight Head White HDPE Drum

10) 210 Litres Tight Head Opaque White HDPE Drum with Green rim

11) 210 Litres Tight Head Blue HDPE Drum with White rim

12) 210 Litres Tight Head 3/3 Inch Kodama Blue HDPE Drum

13) 210 Litres Tight Head 3/3 Inch Dark Blue HDPE Drum



Open Top HDPE Pail and Drum  

1)    20 Litres Opaque White Ropak Pail with Red Cover

2)    30 Litres Open Top Blue HDPE Drum with Blue handle

3)    60 Litres Blue Open Top Mauser HDPE Drum with 2 handle

4)    60 Litres Blue Open Top HDPE Drum (SP Type)

5)   100 Litres Blue / Beige Open Top HDPE Drum

6)   110 Litres / 150 Litres Open Top Blue HDPE Drum with

       black plastic cover and metal clip (base curve)

7)   120 Litres Open Top Blue HDPE Drum (normal)

8)   120 Litres Open Top Blue HDPE Drum (squarish) 

9)   200 Litres Open Top Blue / Grey HDPE Drum (mix models)

10) 200 Litres Open Top Blue HDPE Drum    






Intermediate Bulk Containers (HDPE IBCs) 

1)   600 Litres / 800 Litres / 1200 Litres IBC with Steel Pallet

2) 1000 Litres IBC with Steel Pallet & Ball Valve

3) 1000 Litres IBC with Plastic Pallet

4) 1000 Litres IBC with Wooden Pallet













Tight Head Steel Drum

1)   200 Litres / 210 Litres Spray 1 Standard Color Tight Head Steel 

       Drum (Lined) 

2)   200 Litres / 210 Litres Spray 1 Standard Color Tight Head Steel 

       Drum (Unlined) 

3)   Incense Burner - Red Oxide Color

       (fabricate from 200 Litres Steel Drum) 










Tight Head Polylined Steel Drum

1)   200 Litres / 210 Litres Polylined Steel Drum
















Tight Head Stainless Steel Drum

1)   200 Litres Empty Stainless Steel Drum
















Open Top Steel Drum

1)   100 Litres Open Top Blue Lined Steel Drum

2)   100 Litres Open Top Red Oxide Lined Steel Drum

3)   200 Litres Open Top Assorted Color, Spray 1 Standard Color

       Lined / Unlined Steel Drum

4)   Incense Burner - Red Oxide Color

      (fabricate from 200 Litres Steel Drum)











Fibre Drum

1)    50 Litres Fibre Drum

2)    76 Litres Fibre Drum

3)    80 Litres Fibre Drum

4)  100 Litres Fibre Drum

5)  110 Litres Fibre Drum












The residue chemical in these drums are cleansed and wastewater treated in our own in-house wastewater treatment facility, always bearing in mind environmental sustainability.


i) Collection of used containers


Fair Chem is licensed to collect used containers generated mainly from the semi-conductor, electronic, electro-plating, industrial and chemical sectors. We safely remove the chemical residue containers collected from your factories and cleanse them in our  in-house approved treatment facility with strict compliance to local regulated standards.


Fair Chem either pay or charge for the used containers collected, in accordance to whether they could be re-sell or scrap. By providing the service, Fair Chem plays it' s role in reducing industrial waste by recycling and reuse the used drums for industrial purpose, thus helping the environment in reducing of industry waste.


ii) Reconditioning of 200L Used Steel and HDPE Drums

With effective cleaning processes and treatment facility, Fair Chem can recycle most chemical, surfactant and solvent based drums. These re-conditioned drums offered customers a cheaper alternative for the packaging of their manufactured chemicals. Quality control after cleaning process ensures no cross contamination.