Corporate Vision

Coporate Mission & Philosophy

  • Mission & Philosophy

  • Quality Policy 

  • Sustainability Policy

Corporate Mission

Customer Satisfaction is the Number One priority. Fair Chem strives to provide quality services and products that consistently meet and exceeds our customers' expectations.


Corporate Philosophy

In fulfilling our corporate mission and in recognition of our customers' unique needs, Fair Chem is committed to a three-prong approach:- 

  • Supply of value-added products and services, delivered on time;

  • A total commitment to waste management and environmental compliance;

  • Continuous improvement of facilities and technology to ensure Fair Chem's position as Singapore’s premier chemical blending and manufacturing facility.



Quality Policy 

Fair Chem Industries has developed a quality-oriented culture that ensures its products and services conform to customer requirements and industry standards.


Sustainability Policy

 Fair Chem believes in running a profitable business at no expense to our Environment.  

i. Profitability to Stakeholders
ii. ISO 9001 Accreditation - Committment to Quality
iii. ISO 14001 Accreditation - commitment to the Environment.



Fair Chem encourages the use of reusable and recyclable packaging and work towards energy and water efficiency goals.


Office Operation

Fair Chem reduces paper usage through double sided copying and printing and buying of recycled office supplies.


Facility Management:

Fair Chem installed water saving devices and maximizing energy efficiency in lighting, heating and cooling. 


Interactions with Public:

This includes informing the public and customers about Fair Chem's sustainability efforts and encourages them to participate.